UltimoSoft jobs openings in Hyderabad as “Java Developer”

UltimoSoft as Java Developer jobs in Hyderabad details are given below

Company Name: UltimoSoft

Company URL: http://ultimosoft.com/

Experience: 0 – 1 years

Qualification: Any Graduate / Any Post Graduate

Location: Hyderabad

Role: Java Developer

UltimoSoft – Java Developer jobs for freshers in Hyderabad

Job Description

Position: Java Developer

Required Skills:

Core Java Skills: Inheritance, Polymophism, interfaces, abstract classes, Collections Framework, memory managements, garbage collection, recursion, threads

Operating systems: Linus/Windows – what is a process/thread, multi-threading, Inter process communication

Data structures: stacks, queues; arrays, linkedlist, maps, sets, lists

Algorithms: time complexity (big O), Hashfunction, binary search, sorting algorithms, basic idea on trees (inorder/Preorder/Postorder traversals)

Database: primary key, secondary key, select queries, insert record, create table, aggregate functions, procedures (PL/SQL),

The candidate should be able to code in java and also interpret a given code line by line.

Also, with regards to concepts, the candidate should be able to explain in depth the reasoning behind these concepts. No memorization without understanding!!!!

How to Apply:

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